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Create a unique and special scent memory

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Untitled design-62.jpg

A Unique Scent

60 MINUTES £199

Are you looking for something beautiful and unique for your special day? Then consider your very own signature wedding scent designed by Style Bohemia to evoke special memories for you and your guests.

Our Wedding Scent Service at Style Bohemia will work with you to take elements of your personality, your special memories as a couple, your wedding theme and wedding venue to create your own unique wedding scent. Then once your signature wedding scent has been created, the aroma will be used to scent your whole wedding, from the invitations to the chosen areas at the venue, candles with their flickering flames adding warmth and softness. Diffusers in walkways gently diffusing the scent in the air.

Let us work together to create your own unique wedding scent.

Enjoy a 60 minute consultation where you can discover the perfect scent for you.  The consultation price does not include the price for candles, diffusers, wax melts or room sprays that are purchased. These will be priced separately after your consultation.

Style Bohemia Scents

£29 EACH

Minimum order 20


Need some inspiration for a beautiful candle scent for your Wedding Day? Then choose from our delightful scents below:

Dubai Sands - Amber, Coconut & Vanilla

The Maldives - Peach, Coconut Water & Pineapple

La Vie Boheme - Mandarin, Ginger Lily & Vanilla

Parisian Cafe - Cocoa, Walnut & French Coffee Beans

Wild Rose - Red Rose, Oud & Praline 

Zen Spa - Lime, Cedar & Bergamot

Sakura Lily - Cherry Blossom, Rice Milk & Pear

Imperial Jade - Pomelo, Coriander & Green Mandarin

Midnight Plum - Pomegranate, White Fig & Pink Pepper

Chelsea Rose - Strawberry, Pink Jasmine & Crystal Amber

Tea Rose - Saffron, Rose Tea & Bergamot

Mimosa Flower - Tonka, Mimosa & Cardamon

Matcha Tea -  Almond, Lotus Lily & Green Tea

Arabian Spice - Oakmoss, Tonka & Dark Vanilla

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